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Evelyn John Shirley (26 April 1788 – 31 December 1856), was a British politician.

He was the eldest son of Evelyn Shirley, son of the Hon. George Shirley, younger son of Robert Shirley, 1st Earl Ferrers. His mother was Phillis Byam Wollaston, daughter of Charlton Wollaston. He was educated at Rugby School later Matriculating to St John's College, Cambridge in 1807.

He inherited Ettington Park, making some alterations to it in 1824.

After having served as High Sheriff of Warwickshire for 1813–14 and High Sheriff of Monaghan for 1824–25, Shirley was returned to Parliament for County Monaghan in 1826, a seat he held until 1831. He later represented Warwickshire South between 1836 and 1849

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