Leamington Spa Courier 4th December 1897




[By our own Reporter.]

Nurse Elizabeth Brandish, who is charged with the wilful murder of her illegitimate son, Rees Thomas Yelves Brandish, at Ettington, on September 11th, was again brought up at the Stratford-on-Avon Police Court on Tuesday. The accused was driven over from Warwick Gaol in a closed cab with the blinds drawn, and arrived at the Guild-street Police Station shortly after ten o'clock. Here a large crowd had assembled in the hope of catching a glimpse of the prisoner, but there was no demonstration of any kind. Nurse Brandish walked from the cab to the station house with a firm step, and did not appear to be in the least embarrassed. The public were admitted to the Court shortly before 11 o'clock, a very large crowd struggling to obtain access to the building. The weaker sex was given preference of admittance, and the greater part of the Court was soon filled with a crowd of well-dressed women and girls, who watched the accused with the greatest in­terest and curiosity. The Magistrates present were Colonel Studdy, and Mr. P. S. Foster, and they took their seats on the Bench at 11 o'clock. Those also present included Superintendent Lambourne, of Stratford-on-Avon, Superintend Evans, of Shipston- on-Stour, Mr. S. Warden, the prosecuting solicitor for the Treasury, and Mr. Crowther Davies, of Leam­ington, who is preparing the prisoner’s defence. The prisoner walked quickly into Court when her name was called, being escorted by the police. Her general appearance has scarcely altered at all, but if anything she had a trifle more colour on Tuesday than when before the magistrates on the last occasion. The charge having been read over the accused was accommodated with a seat, which she at once took advantage of, turning her back to the public gaze and confronting the magistrates.

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