The Stratford Blue buses ran from Kineton to Stratford.

The first bus came through Ettington at 8-10am. School-children and those that worked at Stratford used this.

It needed as many as three to cater for the demand, which were not always available.

This improved when the bus company invested in more double-deckers and one was used on the Kineton run.

The return bus for workers and school children left Stratford at 4-30pm.

There were others during the day, mid-morning and lunchtime and a late one on Friday and Saturday so one could go to the pictures at the Stratford cinema in Greenhill Street on those particular evenings.

A bus service was also run by Mr Rouse of Oxhill on Tuesday and Friday, which many villagers used as it was at times convenient for parents to do a shop at Stratford and be home before their children returned from school.

© Tony Biles