The Story of a family of Inn-keepers      
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So, what is the connection with the village to Saracens?
The Saracen's head is the crest of the Shirley family of Ettington Park .
Legend states that one of the family drank from the well on returning from the Crusades, and his trophy,
a Saracen's head, fell into the well and was petrified.
The well is quite close to the Saracenís Head inn which is probably how it got its name.

Thomas Heritage (1756-1810) became the Inn-keeper at the Saracenís Head in Ettington, Warwickshire (originally called Eatington) in 1796 and continued until his death in 1810.
At which time his widow, Esther, became the Inn-keeper until 1828. For a number of years during this period it was known as the New Inn.
Then Thomas, their son, became Inn-keeper from 1828 by 1871
After Thomas it remained in the family as his son Henry William Hemming Heritage was the inn keeper.

By 1881 Henry's son Thomas George had taken over.
But the road on which the Saracen's Head stood was no longer the main road and trade had slackened. 
So Thomas, who was known by his second name, George, tried to supplement his income by working as a Builder/Bricklayer,
but eventually it was too much for him and he committed suicide. (See  separate story).
His widow, Angelina took over until things were finalised, but then she moved with her children to Birmingham.

The Saracen's Head is now a house called The Saracen's.