The school was built in 1813 of red brick with a slated roof. It was extended in 1871 and bears a carved tablet inscribed with the Shirley Coat of Arms. Above the Coat of Arms is the date 1813, with the initials E.S (for Eliza Shirley) and below is the date 1871 with the initials E.P.S. (for Evelyn Philip Shirley).

William Bevington Gibbins had the clock tower built in 1873 in commemoration of his late father Joseph Gibbins. This became a permanent prominent landmark in the village. His sister Miss Margaret Gibbins donated the clock and a brass plate in the tower is inscribed with the words:

“This clock was presented to the inhabitants of Ettington by M. Gibbins. The tower built for its reception by permission of E.P. Shirley Esq. by W.B. Gibbins Esq. 1873”

Before the end of 1981 permission was granted for the school to be converted to a dwelling.




The new school in Churchill Close opened in the spring of 1965.



This stone-built house was built by the Shirley family in 1830 adjacent to the old school.

It is now a Grade II listed building.

The house served as living accommodation for all the school headmasters until the closure of the old school in 1980.