Rose Cottage

A secret from the Middle Ages may be concealed in the modern-day village, behind the whitewashed bricks of Lavendar Cottage and Rose Cottage on the Banbury Road. A chantry chapel, where priests could pray for the souls of the wealthy, was known to stand in Upper Ettington before the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the time of Henry VIII. A pamphlet on Ettington’s churches says the location of the chapel is uncertain.

But the Victoria County History for Warwickshire says, “After the Dissolution it was converted into three houses for the poor, and as such it was serving in 1730; it is now known as Rose Cottage.” The building has since been divided to form two homes. Inside, some of its ancient features are still visible.

Past occupants of Rose Cottage include the actors Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Williams and Dame Judy Dench, all members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.