Ettington had a Railway Station, this had three sidings and a goods shed. The line ran from Stratford to Kineton and beyond. Unfortunately, it was about a mile down the Warwick Road from the village.

Station Layout


Ettington Station

As it was a single track, other than in the station, batons had to be exchanged with the engine driver as a train passed through the double track station to indicate that he was allowed to travel along the next section. The one given to the signalman was then passed to the driver of the train waiting in the station allowing him to proceed.

The train was not a real alternative for travel other than the odd occasion when you felt like a change coming home from school at Stratford. It did mean a wait at Stratford as it ran later than the bus and a walk up to Stratford station and a longer walk at the Ettington end. However, it did bring coal for the village for those who could afford it, feed for farmers and other goods.

The ride from Stratford was quite exciting as it was a climb from Stratford to Ettington up through Goldicote cutting where the engine noise bounced back off the steep sides. The ride to Stratford was less exciting as the train seemed to coast most of the way being downhill.




Goldicote Cuttting


There were two bridges over the cutting one for the road and the other to a farm.
Originally both were of stone but the farm bridge was replaced in 1915 by an iron one after the stone one collapsed.


Original Bridges


With its lack of passengers this service came to an end in April 1952 with the Mayor of Stratford riding on the footplate of the last train on the Stratford to Ettington section. Goods service, which was still successful, continued for a further 13 years carrying coal and fertilizers when the station was finally closed.

Tony Biles